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About Our Apple Trade-in Program

Turn the Apple device you have into the one you want

We give our customers the option of saving some money on their new purchase by trading in their current device. Fill in the form below and we shall contact you as soon as possible if you wish to Trade in your Apple device. The value of the device is determined by condition, capacity, color, generation, and a few other factors.

Estimated Values of Products

Your deviceEstimated trade-in value
iPhone 15 Pro MaxUp to Ksh.110,000
iPhone 15 ProUp to Ksh.90,000
iPhone 15 PlusUp to Ksh.65,000
iPhone 15Up to Ksh.60,000
iPhone 14 Pro MaxUp to Ksh.90,000
iPhone 14 ProUp to Ksh.80,000
iPhone 14 PlusUp to Ksh.55,000
iPhone 14 Up to Ksh.50,000
iPhone 13 Pro MaxUp to Ksh.70,000
iPhone 13 ProUp to Ksh.65,000
iPhone 13 Up to Ksh.45,000
iPhone 13 MiniUp to Ksh.40,000
iPhone 12 Pro MaxUp to Ksh.55,000
iPhone 12 ProUp to Ksh.50,000
iPhone 12Up to Ksh.40,000
iPhone 12 miniUp to Ksh.30,000

Your deviceEstimated trade-in value
12.9" iPad Pro 5th Gen (M1)Up to Ksh.70,000
11" iPad Pro 3rd Gen (M1)Up to Ksh.50,000
iPad Mini 6th GenUp to Ksh. 50,000
iPad Air 5th GenUp to Ksh.50,000

It is strongly recommended that the cycle count of the MacBook be under 50.

Your deviceEstimated trade-in value
13" MacBook Air M1 (2020) - A2337Up to Ksh.80,000
13" MacBook Pro M1 (2020) - A2338Up to Ksh.100,000
14" MacBook M1 Pro (2021) - A2442Up to Ksh.170,000
16" MacBook M1 Pro (2021) - A2485Up to Ksh.200,000
14" MacBook M2 Pro (2022) - A2779Up to Ksh.180,000
16" MacBook M2 Pro (2022) - A2780Up to Ksh.220,000
13" MacBook Air M2 (2022) - A2681Up to Ksh.100,000
15" MacBook Air M2 (2023) - A2941Up to Ksh.110,000

Your deviceEstimated trade-in value
Apple Watch Series 8From Ksh.25,000
Apple Watch Series 7From Ksh.20,000

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The Apple Trade-in program allows customers to exchange their eligible Apple devices for credit towards the purchase of a new device.

We only accept Apple devices, which means iPhones, iPads & Apple Watches. We are planning on taking on Macs & MacBooks in the future as well. Check your Apple device eligibility in the section above.

The trade-in value depends on several factors, such as the device’s model, specifications, condition, and current market demand. The estimations given in the table above are the values of the devices in their top-notch condition and in their highest specifications.

We accept devices in various conditions, including those with normal wear and tear. However, excessive damage or non-functional devices may not be eligible for trade-in. For devices with non-functioning parts or parts in need of replacement, the repair cost is deducted from the valuation costs.

Yes, you can trade in multiple devices simultaneously as long as they are eligible.

The entire trade-in process takes about 2 hours. We need to verify the device’s condition, and you will need to sign a few legal documents. If there is any data in need of transferring the process may take longer depending on the amount of data.

We take privacy seriously. Before trading in your device, it’s recommended to back up your data sign out of your iCloud, and erase all personal information. Once received, we ensure that all traded-in devices go through a thorough data erasure process to protect your privacy.

Aside from an eligible Apple Device, you’ll need to present an original National ID or Passport. Having the box the device came with will be highly appreciated.