About Apple Center Kenya

The Apple Center Kenya, also referred to as AppleVille Limited, is a company based in Nairobi, Kenya. We sell and repair all Apple products. Our staff are well trained and have a deep understanding of the Apple eco-system.


Applecenterke was founded in 2008, and we have never wavered in our commitment to serving the Apple community in Kenya.


AppleCenterke is co-owned by a group of Apple enthusiasts from Nairobi, Kenya. We work tirelessly to serve all Apple clients throughout the region.


We promise to always be truthful, reliable, time conscious and friendly in our interactions with all our clients.


We believe that customer service is one of the most important aspects of our brand. We strive to provide the best customer experience.

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The User Experience

All Apple products are made with a user-first approach enabling them to have top-notch capabilities with the simplest usability

The Reliability

A Mac’s battery life lasts an entire eight hours on average. An Apple product lasts more than five years on average.

The Integration

Your phone is charging in the bedroom while you work on your Mac in the living room. Answer all of your phone calls and messages using your Mac.

The Vision

Apple has always had a vision of making the best products possible in terms of usability and design. We agree with their goals and have faith that they will always achieve them.

The Passion

When you use an Apple product, you will feel as if it was designed specifically for you. That is only possible if you have a strong desire to succeed.

The Commitment

The company that is committed to making your life better rather than making more profit is the company we want to be associated with.

Our Work Ethic.

We directly partner with the official Apple manufacturers to get you genuine Apple products from Apple. Likewise, we ensure our service and repair is in line with Apple standards. With us, you do not have to worry about counterfeit or inferior goods.

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We have both new and refurbished Apple products.
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