All screen. All colorful.
Jot it down. Type it up.
Take it with you.

Meet the
redesigned iPad.

The all-new iPad is colorfully reimagined to be more capable,
more intuitive, and even more fun. With a new all‑screen
 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display, and four gorgeous

colors, iPad delivers a powerful way to get things done,
create, and stay connected. Add on essential accessories
designed just for iPad and enjoy endless versatility for
everything you love to do.

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Draw, paint, and write with
Apple Pencil. Type comfortably,
use a trackpad, and enjoy content
with the versatile two-piece
design of the Magic Keyboard
. You can use familiar
keyboard shortcuts or the click-
anywhere trackpad. And get an
incredible typing experience.

iPadOS brings it all
together and makes
everything on iPad feel
smooth and easy. Run
your favorite apps side by
side, edit and share
photos with others, and
get to all your files.

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Make quick work
of your work.

Get things done — all on one device. Take notes, collaborate,
and work seamlessly
between apps. From pie charts to pie
recipes, iPad is designed for all kinds of productivity.

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The A14 Bionic chip delivers
power and performance for any
activity. Edit a 4K video in iMovie,
plan a globe-trotting vacation with
friends, or play a graphics-
intensive game. With all-day
battery life, you can do it all
without skipping a beat.

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Edit a spreadsheet, finesse a
Keynote presentation, and take
amazing notes. The Magic
Keyboard Folio gives you a
comfortable typing experience
and a trackpad for precise tasks.

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Create to your
heart’s content.

Express yourself, draw, and brainstorm on a flexible creative
powerhouse. The stunning 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display
makes an incredible canvas. So you can doodle, take notes,
mark up documents, and a lot more with Apple Pencil.

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Record and refine from
anywhere with high-
quality built-in mics and
landscape stereo
. Start a podcast,
compose a beat, score a
film — your creative
projects sound fantastic.

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Shoot content with the 12MP
Wide back camera
Snap and
retouch photos, edit videos in
4K, and scan and mark up
documents — all on iPad.


Get in touch.
Stay in frame.

With the new landscape 12MP Ultra Wide front camera,
you’ll be perfectly in frame whether you’re on a FaceTime
call, attending a video conference, or recording a selfie. And
with Center Stage, the camera automatically adjusts to keep
you centered in the shot.

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Download files, play games online, and stream
movies with Wi-Fi 6. And when you’re away from
Wi-Fi, you can access superfast connections
with 5G.

Watch. Learn.
And level up.

Dive into your favorite shows, apps, and games on
the beautiful 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display. And
with True Tone technology, it’s comfortable to view
in any light.

Learn a new language with
Duolingo, enroll in a MasterClass,
and take your lessons to the next
level with immersive AR
. You can learn just

about anything with iPad.


Play graphics-intensive games.
Invite friends to join in with
SharePlay. You can also pair
your favorite gaming controller
with iPad.

Jot for joy.
Type with ease.

Expand what you can do with everyday essentials designed
just for iPad, like Apple Pencil and the Magic Keyboard Folio.
Add a colorful Smart Folio for front and back protection. And
connect to drives, docks, displays, and more using USB‑C.


Apple Pencil is great for
taking notes, journaling,
and all kinds of drawing
and illustrating. It delivers
pixel‑perfect precision
and imperceptible lag.
So it’s as natural to use
as a pencil.

Type comfortably and use a
trackpad for precision tasks, like
editing a spreadsheet, with the
Magic Keyboard Folio. Quickly
adjust the volume or search for a
file using the 14‑key function row.
The versatile design features two
pieces that attach magnetically: a
detachable keyboard and a
protective back panel with an
adjustable stand for flexible

Amazing apps?

iPad comes with powerful and capable apps like Photos,
Maps, Messages, Apple News, Mail, and Safari. And with over
a million apps on the App Store designed just for iPad, you’ll
find the right app for anything you want to do. Manage a
project with Trello, collaborate on the infinite canvas of
Freeform, or finish your term paper with Microsoft Word.